Reproductive and Sexual care and education services for the people!


Mama Aicha…

“Mama” as we say in Puerto Rico to a woman identified person we love, or we approach with love.

Mama Aicha is an independent project that offers a compassionate support to communities and its people to obtain full spectrum sexual and reproductive health education and care services.

We do this with a popular education, social-healing-reproductive justice, feminist, and decolonizing framework.

We do train and organize Health Workers in our communities, with the objective of bringing health prevention practices to where it always ancestrally belonged; into our people's hands!


Our Values….

Reproductive Justice because we understand people have the right of power to make decisions about their bodies, gender, sexuality, families and communities; but of those, some are most marginalized than others.

Inter-sectional Power, because we understand in this system people’s identities determine their power, as deny power to others.

Cultural Competence, because we believe people’s cultural differences should be respected, honored and manage appropriately by other people and systems.

Decolonizing, because systems are not lineal for everybody and can oppress some people, and might not determine values for others. We aim to bring health prevention practices to where it always ancestrally belonged; into our people's hands!

Popular Education because we promote conversations and organizing education at the base; BY the people, WITH the people and FOR the people.

Hope and Joy, because we know historically our communities of color have been threatened with tearing off our joy and hope, and we are here to safeguard these values.


In Honor of Sage-Femme/ Qabila Aicha

Who greatly inspired my path trough Midwifery during our years working together offering educational and care services at the Berber communities of Oulad Berhil, Taroudant, Morocco 2003-05. Always grateful of your wisdom, mentor ship, friendship, and unconditional love. Missing you every single day!